Just arrived some very CUTE Baby Green Tree Frogs

Just arrived some very CUTE Baby Green Tree Frogs Green Tree Frogs are exciting and unique pets that are really easy to care for. Many people have been taking interest in these wonderful creatures recently, and bringing questions to us regarding their care.  These...

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Just arrived! 40 Baby Turtles

Just arrived! We just got in 40 of the cutest and smallest baby short-necked turtles. A Baby Turtle, what an Awesome gift for your kids. If you are interested in getting one of our adorable little turtles, then consider the following facts: Turtles are omnivores,...

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We have a tank full of beautiful…

We have a tank full of beautiful, large African Cichlids that just arrived! These amazing fish are $59 and won’t last long, so hurry and come check them out. African Cichlids are intelligent, hardy fish that are perfect for all fish owners no matter how experienced....

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Waterlife Aquarium

Hi and welcome to Waterlife aquarium, Melbournes premium outlet for everything aquatic from goldfish to turtles and tropical fish to large designer aquariums like the one right behind me. With our large outlet at Hoppers Crossing in Melbourne’s west we are committed to forging relationships by providing education and meeting the needs of our customers.

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Waterlife Aquarium
2 Shaft Ct, Hoppers Crossing
Melbourne 3029
Phone: (03) 8360 8880 or 1300 MY FISH
Email: hoppers@waterlifeaquarium.com.au
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