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At Waterlife Aquarium, with our last count, we had 237 varieties of live fish. WOW! And our range is still increasing. We source our fish from the best importers and wholesalers Australia-wide, meaning if you want a wide choice of healthy live fish at great prices, Waterlife is the place to visit. You can purchase our live fish from 2/2 Shaft Court Hoppers crossing or our store in Ferntree Gully.

Both our live fish suppliers and our business stand by our fish quality. That’s why we offer a 3 Day Fish Guarantee.

Check out the Video below of one of our Bi-weekly Live Fish arrivals.

Live fish make great pets for those interested in aquatic companionship. There are many different species of live fish available, ranging from tropical to Coldwater. They come in a variety of colours and sizes, and require specific care and attention.

Visit Waterlife Aquarium for a GREAT range of Tropical and Coldwater fish.

Coldwater Comets, Shubunkins, Fantails, Black Moors, Nymphs, Medakas, Danios, White Clouds and Coldwater Catfish.

We also stock 237 varieties (at last count) of Tropical Fish, African and American Cichlids.

Live fish melbourne (1)
Live fish melbourne (2)
Live fish melbourne (3)

Live Fish Gallery

Some of our regularly stocked live fish are below so check them out.
Auratus Cichlid
Green Severum
Albino Oscar
Electric Yellow and Maingano
Mixed Goldfish
Pakistani Loach
Odessey Barb
Zebra Danio
Pink “Kissing” Gourami
Tiger Barb live fish
Moss Barb
Rummy Nose Tetra
Variatus Platy
Red Rainbow
Sailfin Molly
Serpae Tetra


Hoppers Crossing - 2/2 Shaft Court 3029

Ferntree Gully - Shop 58 Mountain Gate Shopping Centre, FG Road 3156

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