A planted aquarium is a great option if you are looking for something different to enjoy in your
home, A planted aquarium is actually quite simple and fun! In this blog post we will go over all of
the steps needed in order to set up your own beautiful, low-maintenance aquascape.

Choose Your Aquarium:

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it can really make or break your setup. Take into account
the size of the aquarium you want and what is your budget. Planted Aquariums can be
expensive once you add the live plants, decor and water treatments to help your aquatic garden
grow. You are better with a fully planted 60cm aquarium than a 180cm aquarium that hasminimal plants.

Choose Your Lighting:

The type of lighting you choose will be a big factor in how your plants grow. There are many
different options but take our advice. Choose an Aqua One Plant LED light and what your plants

Choose A Filter:

We recommend a canister filter as they are the most effective type of filter and they sit outside
of the tank. Planted aquariums are meant to be eye catching and engaging, and having an
internal filter can take away from the aesthetic of the tank

Choose Your Plants:

There are so many options when it comes to plants! They come in many different shapes, sizes
and colours. To give your Planted Aquarium the perspective of being deeper we recommend
putting the taller plants at the rear of the tank and the shorter plants towards the front of the tank
in the foreground. Have a plan when you landscape. Visit different websites to see what other
people have done with underwater aquarium design.

Choose Your Fish:

Do you want fish? Keep in mind the size, number, and types. You should always do your
research on what type of fish goes best with certain plants. Some fish varieties look great in
planted tanks (for example Neon Tetras), whereas some types of fish are known for digging up
and otherwise disrupting plants (such as Clown Loaches)

Choose Your Decorations:

What do you want to put in your aquarium? Rocks, driftwood, ornaments – the world is your
oyster! Again, make sure that what you choose will work well with the type of plants and fish that
are in there already.

Substrate and Additives

To give your plants the best opportunity to grow we recommend using a specialized Planted
Soil. We call it ‘Plant Substrate’ but it is also called Amazon Soil.
To make your plants grow quickly there are 2 important items. The first one is Plant Boost which
are plant nutrients and the second is Iron Plus which is an Iron additive. Use these in
conjunction wit each other for an amazing floral garden

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