Just arrived some very CUTE Baby Green Tree Frogs

Green Tree Frogs are exciting and unique pets that are really easy to care for. Many people have been taking interest in these wonderful creatures recently, and bringing questions to us regarding their care.

Furthermore, these pets don’t require much and will even allow you to handle them so check out the points below.

How to Care for Your Green Tree Frog

  • Green Tree Frogs require a safe, waterproof and escape proof tank or terrarium. A minimum size of 45cm by 60cm is ideal for an adult frog as they grow to about 10cm.
  • Also, the enclosure should have some water and also several areas of land for your frog to escape to. 10cm or more of water is perfect for Green Tree Frogs.
  • Keep your frogs warm. You can do this by placing a simple aquarium heater in the water or using a heat lamp. The temperature should be 24cto 26 degrees; anything below 10 degrees will harm your frogs. A good idea would be to use a waterfall to increase water movement and evaporation, this will assist in keeping the temperature and humidity levels accurate.
  • Your frogs require UVB lighting to keep them strong and healthy. Make sure it is a 2.0 UVB globe. That’s the recommendation. Your frogs can’t handle anything stronger than that.
  • Water should be changed every 1-2 weeks. 50% should be taken out and chlorine in the tap water added back to the enclosure should be removed. Depending on how much water is in the tank, you can add a small filter or aquarium plants to help keep the water clean.
  • Green Tree Frogs feed on small insects; you should provide your frog with a variety of flies, crickets, moths and cockroaches. In addition, to avoid any deficiencies, coat food with a multivitamin and calcium powder at least once a week. Feed your frog 2 – 3 times a week and remove any drowned insects.

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