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We have a tank full of beautiful, large African Cichlids that just arrived! These amazing fish are $59 and won’t last long, so hurry and come check them out.

African Cichlids are intelligent, hardy fish that are perfect for all fish owners no matter how experienced. They are tropical fish that originally come from Africa where they are found in lakes and rivers. They come in a large range of colours such as red, orange, yellow, blue and black. They also come in different patterns such as striped and spotted.

They can grow to up to 20cm long and can live for 5-8 years. They are very disease resistant. African Cichlids are known to be aggressive and territorial so must not be kept with fish of different species. They should be kept alone or with ten or more other African Cichlids to prevent any unwanted deaths. There should be plenty of places for them to hide.

These fish should be fed mainly Cichlid pellets or flakes with frozen foods such as vegetables, shrimp and bloodworms as an extra. Feed as much food as the fish will finish eating in 3 minutes, and do this twice a day.

African Cichlids need a tank temperature of 23-28 degrees Celsius. The water needs to have a PH level of 7.6 to 8.4 for them to survive, if it is below this you should add African Balance found in our store to bring up the PH. A third of the tank’s water needs to be changed every 1 to 2 weeks and the gravel cleaned. The new water added needs Water Conditioner and Chlorine Neutral which is available in our store added to it to make sure there is no chemicals in the new water that can hurt your fish.

Now that you know more about African Cichlids, come check out the beautiful ones we have for sale. If you are interested in an fantastic looking aquarium Waterlife has the best range.

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