Baby Pet Turtle Packages Melbourne

Are you thinking about getting a Baby Pet Turtle? Great idea! We are Water Life Aquarium in Hoppers Crossing, at the Mountain Gate Shopping Centre in Ferntree Gully and Bentleigh East.

At Waterlife Aquarium, our Baby Pet Turtles are super cute, curious, and easy to look after, making them the PERFECT PET! They love swimming up to the glass to have a look at you and you can even hold them! 

We have delivery options available, $50 Melbourne Wide. We can deliver full packages Including the Baby Turtle with a full care guide. Check out the range of Turtle Packages below, and send us an enquiry at the bottom of the page letting us know where you are and what package you’re after. We will get back to you with payment and delivery options!

Our stores are located in Hoppers Crossing, Ferntree Gully and Bentleigh East if you want to come for a drive.

We just got some Baby Turtles in, that are ready to join your family today. Right Now our Turtles are just $79 each with any Turtle Package purchase – or choose from our pre-selected packages for the best deal! Our Turtle Packages come with the equipment and treatments needed to keep your turtle happy and healthy. Check out the breakdown of our Standard Packages or scroll further below to Read our Baby Turtle FAQ

Baby Pet Turtle Setups

Baby Pet Turtle 4 Foot Package

We have 4 main packages to choose from to give you an idea of what you need to look after a turtle, but we have a bigger range of tanks and accessories in store.

Baby Turtle available with all packages separately for $79.

We have a 2ft Starter Package for $349. This comes with 60cm Tank, Foam & Pine Stand, Filtration and Heater, Turtle Dock, Reflector & UV Tube, Filter & Heater, Turtle Dock & Aquadome. Valued at over $444

Our main deal is a 4ft tank setup, pictured above. This comes with Tank, Stand, Foam, Reflector + 10.0 UV Tube, Large Turtle Dock, 100g Turtle Food, 100W Heater + Protector, Thermometer, Aquadome, Calcium Block, Internal Filter, 1kg Turtle Conditioner Salt, 1L Chlorine Neutraliser, BioActive 125ml, 4x Ornamental Plants and a full pH & Ammonia Test Kit. Full package valued over $900, our deal for you is just $699.

3ft Setup comes with smaller enclosure but same accessories, valued over $800, now just $649

2ft Setup comes with smaller enclosure but same accessories except plants, valued over $550, now just $449


FAQs on Baby Pet Turtle Care

How big will the turtle grow?

Turtles will eventually grow to around 30cm Diameter however it does take quite a few years.

How long with it be before I will need to upgrade to a bigger tank?

The $297 special Turtle Package generally lasts up to a year before it will be too small. So a decision you will need to make will be ‘Is it better to buy a bigger Tank from the start?’ You can get quite a few years out of a 4ft tank.

What if we go away on holidays?

The turtle will be fine for a few weeks as long as it’s not a baby. If you go away give the turtle a big feed over 3-4 days then wait a few days for the turtle to digest the food. Then do a 50% water change and turn the temperature down to about 16 degrees. The turtle’s metabolism will slow down and he won’t be hungry. When you get back from holidays, turn the temperature back to 24 degrees and feed up!

How often do I need to change the water and how much?

We recommend a 50% water change every week. To reduce the amount of water changes there is an option to change the internal Filter for a Canister filter. The cost will be an extra $100. Your workload will be decreased.

Can I put gravel on the bottom of my turtle’s tank?

Small gravel is a definite NO NO! Turtles can eat this size gravel and it can get stuck in their intestines and cause issues. If you want to use gravel make sure the diameter is minimum 10mm upwards.

Can I handle my Pet Turtle?

Yes, turtles become very friendly and will eventually eat from your hand but remember that turtles are an aquatic animal and they spend most of their time in the water. Half an hour human/ turtle companionship will be ok.

What do the turtles eat?

Turtles are easy to feed. They eat a combination of pellets and frozen food in both meat-based and veggie based. You can also feed your pet turtle fish.

What species of Turtles are they?

The turtles we sell are the Murray Short Neck. They are the Easiest, Hardiest and most trouble free to look after.

Do I need a license to keep a turtle?

You don't need a license to keep Murray Short Neck turtles.

Where is Waterlife Aquarium located?

We are in Hoppers Crossing, which is in Melbourne's Western Suburbs and in Ferntree Gully in the East.

For more info on turtles please click the link below to get our Turtle Care Sheet. If you have any questions not answered by our FAQ, click the Enquiry button and fill out the form so we can help you out.

Grab the  Australian Turtle Care Ebook

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Baby Pet Turtles Melbourne

We have the ‘smallest’, ‘cutest’ Baby Pet Turtles available NOW!
Baby Pet Turtle Melbourne - Penny Turtle
Baby Pet Turtle Melbourne in Turtle Tank
Baby Pet Turtle Melbourne - Swimming Turtle
Baby Pet Turtle Melbourne in Turtle Aquarium
Baby Pet Turtle Melbourne on Palm

When it comes to decorating your turtle tank we have so many different types of resin ornaments and fake rocks suitable for a turtle enclosure. Check out the photos below.

Turtle For Sale Melbourne

Ready to Make the Splash?

If you live in Melbourne and you are interested in a Baby Pet Turtle with enclosure, please CLICK ‘Enquiry’ Button or call us NOW.
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