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The H2OPro Premium Series of Aquariums boasts quality, durability, and wow factor. These stunning aquariums get your attention with their dazzling LED lighting, size, and sleek design, while giving you peace of mind with strong, polished edge 12mm Sapphire Glass and durable aluminium-framed acrylic cabinets. 

These Aquariums provide a superior aquatic visual experience with their extra height. This increased size is what amazes people and you don’t see many aquariums with these kinds of dimensions. Why? Because the extra height requires thicker glass which bumps up the production costs dramatically – but we’re committed to quality. Our Aquarium lids are braced and solid meaning they don’t sag over time like other major Aquarium brands do.

So not only is this range of Aquariums built to last, it’s built specially to provide a serious aquatic visual experience.

The video below outlines some more amazing benefits of this range of Aquariums, and scroll further below to explore our range to find the perfect fit for you!

We are based in Melbourne but we can freight these Aquariums economically all over Australia. If you would like a quote to send our Aquarium interstate, send us an enquiry and let us know where you’re from and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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Prestige Range

Our Prestige Range comes with a superior high gloss finish, easy-to-use remote control LED lighting, and a temperature probe that displays the aquarium water temperature on your remote control.

The aluminium-framed acrylic cabinets come with an innovative slide tray for easy installation and maintenance of a canister filter. This range does not come with a canister filter included, allowing you to choose your own brand that you know and trust (however we have left our filter recommendations below). The LED lighting remote can control the 2 settings of brightness to best suit your tastes.

Available in the following sizes:

80cm x 40cm x 150cm, 185 litres $999
120cm x 40cm x 158cm, 325 litres $1499
150cm x 40cm x 158cm, 405 litres $1999

80cm model pictured above

150cm model pictured above

We recommend the following canister filters for the above aquariums:

80cm – Aqua One Aquis 1000
120cm – Aqua One Ocellaris 1400
150cm – Aqua One Nautilus 2700

Prestige Sump Range

The Prestige Sump Range is quite similar to the Prestige Range above, except for a couple of key differences. The major improvement is the feature of a sump filter built into the cabinet. This filter comes equipped with an Aqua One Pondmaster pump that comes with a 3-year warranty. It also includes a selection of filter media like glass noodles, carbon, and sponge pads.

This range also comes with a control panel built into the cabinet, allowing for easy viewing of the Aquarium temperature as well as control of the LED lighting.

Available in the following sizes:

120cm x 40cm x 158cm, 325 litres $2299
150cm x 40cm x 158cm, 405 litres $2999

150cm model pictured above

120cm model pictured above

Natura Range

Do you prefer the more natural wood look? Our Natura Range is the one for you. This range comes with a wooden veneer finish on the cabinet, but don’t let that fool you. It is still made from the same aluminium-braced acrylic, providing the same durability as our other ranges.

The Natura Range also comes with a quality sump filtration system backed up by a 3-year warranty on the pump, allowing for less frequent maintenance as well as more room for filter media, increasing the quality of your Aquarium water.

Available in the following sizes:

121cm x 40cm x 159cm, 325 litres $2299
201cm x 50cm x 160cm, 710 litres $3999

201cm model pictured above

121cm model pictured above

We also have a range of Acrylic Cylinder Aquariums. Click here to see the range!

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