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Looking for Pet Turtles in Melbourne? You’ve come to the right place!

Waterlife Aquarium has a great range of turtles and enclosures for your baby pet turtles at the best prices. If you are a first time turtle buyer we will step you through everything a beginner will need to know to keep your new turtle happy and healthy.

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Baby Pet Turtles For Sale Melbourne

We have the ‘smallest’, ‘cutest’ baby pet turtles available NOW!

Turtles Melbourne - Turtle Swimming
Turtles Melbourne in Turtle Tank
Turtles Melbourne - Turtle Closeup
Turtles Melbourne in Turtle Aquarium

Enclosures for Baby Pet Turtles Melbourne

Baby turtles require heating, filtration, and Ultra Violet Lighting to stay healthy. We have a basic beginners starter package and a deluxe package both available in 3 sizes.


Baby Turtles Aquariums

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