The first point is Waterlife Aquarium has got so much stuff to choose from. They have a whole bunch of different turtles, including baby ones and larger Turtles, and it’s the only place I really thought about. I visited the store, was impressed, and didn’t even care about going anywhere else. They’ve got everything.
Secondly, the staff simply help you out and give you the best deal on good quality equipment.
In conclusion, having my new turtle is like I brought another child in my household. Our family loves it!


Sean Egberts – Anakie

The service and help at Waterlife Aquarium were outstanding. It didn’t matter what time of the day I rang, and there was always someone available that knew exactly what I needed.
We get hours of enjoyment from our turtles. We’ve got one tank set up next to our TV, and half the time we spend watching the turtles, not the TV.
Compared to other shops I have been to, Waterlife’s staff are second to none. The other shops just want your money without giving good service. Waterlife is much different.

Sean Egberts - Anakie

Ruby and Ryan Lugosi – Melton

We purchased our baby turtles from Waterlife Aquarium in Hoppers Crossing. 

Ruby and Ryan Lugosi - Melton

Charli Pallant – Berwick

This is my little turtle Matthew. I got him from Waterlife Aquarium, and I go there every few weeks to get my turtle supplies. The staff there are so knowledgeable and really helpful.
Charli Pallant - Berwick

Jayden Lugosi – Melton

These are our Turtles Raphael and Michael. We purchased these baby turtles from Waterlife Aquarium in Hoppers Crossing. The staff were so friendly and helpful.

Jayden Lugosi

Tyler – Wyndhamvale

Tyler purchased the full Baby Turtle Set Up including Tank, Cabinet, UV lighting, Heating and Filtration from Waterlife aquarium in Hoppers Crossing.

Tyler from Wynhamvale

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