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Are you looking at getting into the Reptile Hobby? Great Choice!

Visit the Reptile Department at Waterlife Aquarium for probably the best range of animals and products in Melbourne. Secondly, our store is a direct importer of product from overseas which cuts out the middle man saving you money. Make the effort to drive over to Hoppers Crossing or Ferntree Gully and check out our HUGE range of Terrariums and all associated Reptile items.

We have stores located in Hoppers Crossing and Ferntree Gully. We also have an Online Store called Petco Direct so CLICK HERE for Aquarium-related products delivered to your door.

Check out our store video below showing our reptile product range and then check the video under to look at some of our terrarium and enclosure range.

There are many different species of reptiles that are available, some of which require a Wildlife Licence to keep. So be sure to check this out prior to purchasing.

Remember that the licence can take up to 4 weeks to be issued so this will give you time to organise the enclosure.

Before you decide on which reptile you buy, check out all the requirements required for the species and investigate the time, effort and care need for that reptile. For example Lizards tend to be more costly to feed as they eat live food (which can be expensive) and they eat every day. In regard to a snake/ python they can be fed a mouse or rat once weekly which will be less time consuming and less expensive.

Reptiles Melbourne Enclosures and Supplies

So once you have decided that a Reptile will be your new pet you will need everything to keep them happy and healthy……….AND THAT’S WHERE WE COME IN TO IT.

Before you pick up that reptile, call in to Waterlife Aquarium and Reptile Supplies to setup your enclosure.

We have a HUGE RANGE at great prices. Ask us about a Special Package Deal on our reptile enclosures where we offer 10% off if you buy the enclosure with all the accessories.

Reptiles Melbourne - Bearded Dragon Babies

See the Price List below for our Terrariums/Vivariums For Sale.

Wooden Vivarium Price
Swing Door Terrariums and Cabinets
Slide Glass Door Terrariums and Cabinets

Live and Frozen Reptile Food

For those that own a python we stock a range of frozen mice and rats in 4 sizes.

For the Lizard keepers we stock live mealworms in 2 sizes, live crickets in 4 sizes and a frozen and pelletised lizard food.

REMEMBER- It is essential that reptiles are given reptile calcium supplements in conjunction with Ultra Violet Lighting to keep their bones strong.

Got Enquiries?

If you live in Melbourne and you are interested in buying Reptiles, Enclosures and Accessories, please CLICK the  ‘Enquiry Button’ or call us NOW.

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