Ammonia Test

The biggest killer of fish in an aquarium is Ammonia. Ammonia is the bi-product of fish waste that builds up in the aquarium.  Read More

General Hardness Test

General hardness in the amount of minerals in the water. Some fish require a lot of minerals in the water. For example African cichlids like very high   Read More

How to use a Gravel Cleaner

What I’m going to show you today is how to do a gravel siphon on your aquarium. The most important thing first, before you take any water out  Read More

How to clean a Canister Filter


pH Test

The pH of your water is whether it is acidic or alkaline. Some fish require a lower pH, and some fish require a higher pH. Read More

Carbonate Hardness Test

We’re checking the KH level of the tank behind me and the reason why you check your KH is because the KH controls what your pH level is in your aquarium.  Read More

Reduce Algae

Algae can be a problem in an aquarium. The most important thing is to realize why you do get algae in the aquarium, and also the different types of algae and.  Read More


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