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If you are in search for a snake cage, this is the right place for you. Waterlife Aquarium and Reptile Supplies is located at Hoppers Crossing and Ferntree Gully where you can find a huge range of snake cages.

Snake cages are generally of 2 types. One is made from Melamine Timber while the other type is made of Glass. We will explain further down the page how these two types of snake cages differ from each other.

Below is a video featuring the different types of snake cages we have for sale.

Glass and Wooden Snake Cages

Wood Melamine snake cages require extra care in cleaning especially with the use of water as it will have the tendency to seep into the timber and cause the timber to swell and eventually damage the cage. It is recommended if you purchase this type of cage for your pet snakes that you apply a small amount of silicone along the timber joins to stop water from getting into the gaps and swelling the timber.

GLASS snake cages on the other hand tend to last longer and are easier to clean. GLASS snake cages are better suited for semi-aquatic species.

WOODEN snake cages hold temperature much better than glass snake cages as heat dissipates much faster in glass than in wood. In terms of the price, glass and melamine cages are about the same.

Adequate ventilation is an important requirement in maintaining a snake cage. It is vital that the environment that housed your snakes is free from condensation build up. A humid environment for most desert-dwelling snakes and lizards will cause respiratory diseases.

Both the Melamine Wooden Cages and the Glass Cages we sell at our store have the recommended level of ventilation which allow sufficient airflow. No matter what type of snake cages you choose you will need to consider the amount of lighting and heating according to the reptile you are keeping.

Check out the video below of some of our range of heating and lighting options.

Product Information Sheet & Price List

For more detailed information on the Wooden and Glass Snake Cages click on the buttons below to get the Product Information Sheet.

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Setting Up a Glass Snake Cage

Check out the video below on how to set up a glass snake cage

Snake/Python Care Sheets

Learn how to take care of your snakes/pythons by downloading these care sheets.

Do Snakes/Pythons Need UV Light?

For many years reptile keepers have been under the assumption that they do not require Ultra Violet Light. UV light regulates the production of Vitamin D3 which allows pythons/snakes to properly absorb and metabolise calcium.

Most keepers have kept their animal without UV for many years without any issue as they believe that the python will get enough calcium from the rats and mice that they are feeding. Correct!

There is enough calcium in the food they eat, but does their body absorb the calcium into their system well enough without the UV Light? This is where you as a snake keeper need to decide as there is so much conflicting information.

In summary UV light will definitely have a benefit for your snake or python.

Snake Hide Logs and Caves

Your snake cage must be ‘Stress Free’ to maintain optimum health. In the wild, snakes spend a lot of their time hiding in holes or under rocks and logs. They do this to protect themselves from other predators. It’s a natural instinct.

Even in captivity, a pet snake will have this same instinct to hide under things. You must support this natural behaviour by offering some hiding spots inside the snake cage.

In our reptile department at Waterlife Aquarium we have a great range of reptile hide logs and caves to choose from.

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