Reptile One Turtle Eco Tank

If you were looking for a Reptile One Turtle Eco Tank for your Turtle you have found the BEST place! At Waterlife Aquarium we carry the full  range of these Turtle  Eco Tanks in stock.

We also have a cheaper version of this Reptile One Turtle Eco Tank that we have designed ourselves and have manufactured overseas. This Turtle Tank is a similar size and quality, comes with a screen lid to stop your turtle escaping and an Australian Made Pine Wood Stand has been manufactured to suit. The only real difference is we include an internal filter instead of the rear backdrop Filter on the Aqua One Model.

Check out the video below of the range of Reptile One Turtle Eco Tanks  and our

‘Better Value Version’ on display in our stores at 2/2 Shaft Court Hoppers Crossing and Mountain Gate Shopping Centre on Ferntree Gully Road.

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Baby Turtle Care Tips

We also have dozens of Baby Turtles in stock ready for their new home. At Waterlife Aquarium we specialise in giving the correct advice that will keep your turtle happy and healthy for many years. There are some very important points needing mentioning.

1.    Heating is important. The most common form of heating used is a thermostatically controlled aquarium heater. This is generally set at 24 degrees and maintains that temperature.

2.      Turtles just like all animals need Ultra Violet Lighting, Vitamin D3 and Calcium. The UVB light helps the turtle’s body produce Vitamin D3. When Vitamin D3 is present the turtle’s shell can absorb the calcium making it stay nice and hard. Soft shell in turtles is common but it is 100% avoidable if all the correct information is given during the initial purchasing stage. We highly recommend a 10.0 UVB. Check these out in our store.

3.      A ‘docking area’ or landing is required for the turtle to come out of the water to dry off.

4.      Filtration is very important as it will maintain good quality water conditions. Turtle’s urine and waste turn into ammonia which can not only cause the water to go acidic but also eat away at the turtle’s slime coating causing fungal issues. To start the filter in a brand new turtle tank we recommend using BioActive8 live bacteria.


Turtle Package Inclusions 

For more details on the Aqua One Turtle Eco Tank and other models please click the link below.

Turtle Tank Melbourne - Swimming Turtle
Turtle Tank Melbourne – Baby Turtle on Palm

For more info and to watch our turtles in store swimming around the Turtle Tank please watch the YouTube video below.

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