NuTatz Tattoo Studio – Hoppers Crossing

I was driving around the local area, saw the signage, stopped in to have a look at it. During the last year, we’ve been checking out a whole lot of other stores, went in and they kicked all the others and that’s the one that provided us the best information when we walked into the store, provided us best value for the money, and the staff were friendly.

I think it improves the environment. Most people think it’s calming. The kids love it. When the kids come in … Straight to the tank. They love the fish. One of the things that most people comment about also when they come in is, the unexpected peaceful atmosphere here, and we certainly think that the tanks add to that. A lot of people have mentioned that they’d like their home to be looking as peaceful and homey as here. Especially the ones that are nervous when they come in, and their nerves seem to dissipate as soon as they come in, because they just feel comfortable, and I think that the tanks certainly add to that peaceful atmosphere.

We were skeptical with working with any of the aquarium shops. We had bad experiences at other places with the fish had died on us. The aquariums hadn’t been up to standard, and didn’t last long. So, when we got there we were skeptical, based on our experiences with other people, but we quickly overcame that and that’s what’s led us to now having about six tanks at home, and then when we opened up our business, we had no hesitations in wanting to buy the tanks from there to put in our shop. No, I wasn’t skeptical at all. Skeptical? No, not that I believe so.

All the service is good. They’ll talk about any questions. They answer us right away.

Tracey Robinson

NuTatz Tattoo Studio, Hoppers Crossing

Barry Vincent – Sanctuary Lakes

That’s the tank we’ve just installed recently. Pretty well looked everywhere around for a tank and found it hard to find the one that we wanted. We’ve got a fairly big house, so want to put a big tank in. We managed to find the tank at Waterlife Aquarium. They’ve got a great range of glass and acrylic tanks. This tank here is … I mainly got cichlids in it. Changes colour. We can change the colour inside of the tank. Really wrapped, it was very hard to find something like this, so really happy with all the service and everything we got from Waterlife.

Barry Vincent

Sanctuary Lakes

Costa & Associates – Port Melbourne 

Three years ago I was looking for a solution, something to add interest to my reception, and I decided that I’d get an aquarium. Looked around, a couple of different places in Melbourne, and ended up at Waterlife. Ended up getting this fantastic aquarium, which has proven to be quite a talking point when clients come in, especially when they come in with their children. If I’m running late for a meeting, or whatever, it just serves as a real, shall I say, just a nice topic of conversation.

People love the colourful range of fish that Michael provided me with. I’m really grateful, through his expertize, kiting it out. The price was really reasonable I felt. Just all aspects, just thoroughly professional all the way through.
Through the process of deciding what type of tank to get, I noticed that a lot of the stores that I went to had traditional glass and timber type fish tanks. Then when I went to Waterlife, I saw that they had this wonderful range of acrylic seamless tanks. Just really made the decision really easy.

The other, I suppose, part that I was a bit concerned about was the maintenance of the tank. After an initial period of a couple of months where Waterlife came out and maintained it, and then they showed me how easy it was to actually maintain the tank and look after the fish and the whole feeding regime, the process has just been pretty easy actually, easy going since then.
It’s been fantastic, been really easy. It was an easy decision, they’ve been really good to deal with. I thoroughly recommend their organization.

Tony Costa

Costa & Associates, Port Melbourne

Paul Hawker – Hoppers Crossing

Through a friend actually and we decided to come down and we’ve been coming here for the last, oh, probably 12 years.  I think the quality of equipment and the customer service from the staff members. Most certainly would recommend Waterlife. They’re a local business and that’s all part of keeping the industry local.  The fish are very good. I’ve got some of the fish from here, and they’re living for quite a while.  Yes, I think you do meet up with the expectations that are required from an aquarium shop. I don’t think you can really better it too much. Probably on the weekends because you’re quite busy, an extra staff member wouldn’t go astray occasionally, but that’s about it.

Paul Hawker

Hoppers Crossing

Ricky Maglica – Ringwood North

Tell us about your new Xmas present.

My wife and I decided to get a Christmas present for the kids. We contact Waterlife and have a look at the great range. It’s a terrific shop at Hopper’s Crossing. The sales guy there was terrific and he gave us really good advice. We came back to buy and two days later he set it up beautifully.

Why did you purchase from Waterlife Aquarium?

One of my best mates bought a tank one day for me I was really impressed with this enough so I sort of liked it and it looked beautiful.

Are you confident with maintaining your aquarium?

The maintenance is a little bit difficult at the start I’ll be honest but now I don’t have issues. I have a read at the website and have terrific support on that. I got great support from the staff and the website has all the information that you need. I can refer to that every day or every week. I’m pretty confident now that I know and I’ll be fine. So thank you to Waterlife for the experience.

Ricky Maglica

Ringwood North

Colin Armstrong – Williamstown

Absolutely Fantastic! The back up support was great, that was the main thing for us. Having Waterlife Aquarium come out and check the water to make sure that everything is going well. That was a big plus. I have a few friends that have purchased from Waterlife Aquarium and they were happy with the service as well. That is the main reason we decided to go with you guys. We are just really happy, it’s a great addition to our home, thanks a lot. We are very happy.

Colin Armstrong


Brakes Plus – Hoppers Crossing

The tank we got from Waterlife Aquarium is fantastic. Kids love it, customers love it, it’s a great stress release for us.

The team at Waterlife Aquarium are very knowledgeable, very helpful, always friendly. Whenever I need something they’ve always got it for me.We get a lot of comments on our tank, especially the silver sharks. We got them and they were barely two or three centimeters long and now they’re 15, 20 centimeters. They’re huge, people love them.

We were very skeptical about having a tank to begin with when we bought the place six years ago. It was here, we thought oh, it’s a lot of upkeep, we didn’t really want to have to deal with it but because of Waterlife Aquarium, they clean it for us on a regular basis and it looks fantastic and the customers absolutely love it.

Graeme Blackwell

Brakes Plus, Hoppers Crossing

The Herbert Family – Werribee

I’m here at Werribee at a client’s house that called me last Friday and I came out here, and this is the aquarium that they have. They had about 15 fish and they’re all dead except 3. I came in here last Friday and we just did a water change and got the water conditions okay so the fish stay alive.  What I’m doing today is I’m going to give it a bit of a clean, and a bit of maintenance and let’s get it looking good. It’s gone from being horrible and smelly with dead fish to looking fantastic.

The last two fish, there’s two fish that’s still alive. One African cichlid and then on the back wall there, there’s a catfish. The tank is looking very ordinary, a lot of waste build-up on the coral sand there and looking at the filtration, the reason the tank was so dirty is because this filter has a cartridge on the inside. The cartridge was full of waste and the water wasn’t flowing properly. Let’s get all that sorted out. Using the gravel cleaner sucking up all the waste off the top of the coral sand, the gravel and taking it up the tube into the bucket.

We’ve done the half water change again for the second time, and introduced four new fish: two Electric Yellows, an Albino Zebra and a Maingano cichlid. The tank’s still very, very dirty because of the water change. Also, you might be able to see that far corner. We put a new filter in there. It’s pretty hard to see because the water’s so dirty. The fish look quite happy and we’ll be coming back in two days and the tank should be really clear. Then we’ll add some décor, some rocks and a new light and it will be brand new again.

I’m back at the Herbert’s house in Werribee and as you can see now, the tank has cleared up. You can see that filter in the top right-hand side now. We’ve put a few silk plants in, one there on the left and one the right and a couple of white rocks in the middle. There’s some bubbles coming out of those white rocks to add some aeration and it’s visually pleasing to the eye. All the fish are looking nice and healthy and the water’s crystal clear.What we need to do now is add another half a dozen fish. It’s been a fantastic result from dirty, filthy dying fish to a healthy aquarium.

This is my Dad’s aquarium. He works in Singapore and when he’s gone it’s my responsibility to care for the fish. So I stuffed it up. So my Mum told me to look on the internet and try to find a way to fix it so that’s when I hopped onto Waterlife Aquarium and then a guy just came and he has made our tank look fantastic and so I’m lucky that my Dad is not home. Dad is coming back in a few weeks so that he doesn’t have to know that I stuffed it. Thank god.

Thankyou to Waterlife Aquarium for their work.

The Herbert Family


Jaco Nienaber – Point Cook

Hi there, just want to say thank you to Waterlife Aquarium for helping me pick out the right fish tank, and also to help in sorting out the right heater for the fish tank. We originally wanted a fish tank that’s taller than the one that they had in stock and they said, “Yep, they can order one that’s much taller.” So thanks for that, that was very helpful. I love shopping at Waterlife Aquarium. So thanks a lot.

Jaco Nienaber

Point Cook



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