The pH of your water is whether it is acidic or alkaline. Some fish require a lower pH, and some fish require a higher pH. For example, African Cichlids like a pH close enough to 8, and normal tropical and cold water fish like a pH around about 7.

At Waterlife Aquarium we stock a few different types of pH Test Kits. The Aqua One brand offers the best value for money whereas the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Brand offers the NO 1 seller on the market that has been trusted for years. 

These test kits are EASY to use by simply putting three drops into a vial, give it a shake then compare the colour in the vial to the colour chart. The colour chart will show you what your pH level is then you can make adjustments.

Commonly people make changes to pH levels by using products such as pH up. We don’t recommend these products as they contain phosphate which is the major cause of algae and these products are also unstable. We recommend using a ‘Booster’ which will keep you pH at the correct level. Our in-store Booster product is called ‘Tropical Balance’ and this will set your pH at 7.0 which is perfect for most Tropical and Coldwater fish species. 

We also have a ‘Booster’ that is suitable for fish that require high pH around 8.0. This product is called ‘African balance’.


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