To begin with, I’ll show you how to do a gravel siphon on your aquarium. However, before taking any water out of your aquarium, it’s crucial to turn off the heater to avoid the risk of it cracking. The first step is to get a bucket with a handle, and a gravel cleaner. Once you have these, it’s as simple as putting the gravel cleaner into the aquarium, giving it a shake, and allowing the water to start siphoning out of the aquarium. You can then insert the nozzle end into the gravel to suck out the waste and deposit it into the bucket.

This tank has only just been set up, so we’re not going to get a lot of waste out of it, but it shows you the principle on what to do. Now, if you do this regularly, the waste doesn’t build up underneath your gravel, and your aquarium will filter better and stay a lot cleaner. Okay, so you give it a shake as you see here. The water is coming out. The siphon picks up the coral sand, spins it around, and any waste that’s underneath it goes into the bucket here. Move the gravel cleaner around the aquarium to pick up all the waste. To stop the siphon, simply take it above the water level.

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