Aquarium Gravel Calculator

If you want a quick and easy way to calculate how much substrate you need for your fish tank, you’ve found the right page. Use our simple Aquarium Gravel Calculator below.

Firstly, select if you are putting gravel or sand in your tank.

Secondly, enter the Length and Width of your Aquarium (use the calculator on the left for Centimetres or the one of the right for Inches).

Finally, enter the desired Height of the substrate (not the height of the Aquarium)

Then the amount of substrate needed will appear at the bottom.



Most importantly, make sure you wash your Aquarium Gravel and Sand thoroughly. However, some Aquarium Gravel comes pre-washed, there are almost always small particles and broken down gravel, therefore making your Aquarium water cloudy after adding substrate.


Furthermore It is a good idea to have a bucket around the home beside your Aquarium, so, that you can prevent other chemicals and foreign matter entering your aquarium system. As a result washing gravel will be easy and not very time consuming. After that, simply fill the bucket roughly 1/3 to the top, then fill the bucket with water until the water level is approximately 5 centi-metres above the gravel. Once you stir the gravel around with your hand a few times then drain the water, repeating 3 or 4 times until the water you drain from the bucket is relatively clear.

 Repeat this process until you have washed all of the gravel.

See below for an example of substrate volume worked out using our Aquarium Gravel Calculator.

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Aquariums Concept and Display

Look below to see some Aquarium design concepts from our Display area in-store. You can use the calculator above to get a rough idea of how much gravel you’d need for similar concepts.

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