The Owner of Waterlife Aquarium, Michael Andrew!

I felt there was a gap in the market for a specialized Aquarium Store. So, I decided to establish and become “the owner” of WaterLife Aquarium back in 2005. There’s a lot of Pet Stores out there that don’t specialize in total aquatics. Most Pet Stores dabble in fish, and they don’t specialize in all the water treatments and decors and all the different kinds of aquariums. So, we wanted to offer a great range of total aquatic products so people can make their aquarium look fantastic. We have introduced changes to our store to incorporate an ‘Aquarium Concept Room.’ We did this so you can see the different types of aquariums, fish, and underwater designs.

As a progressing company, we’re proud to say that our team has been with us for many years. Wayne started back in 2005, Amy for two years, Travis has been here seven years, and Jarryd has been with us since he was 15 years old doing work experience. Regularly conducting team meetings is a must since we invite Industry experts to keep us up to speed with the latest and greatest in everything aquatic.

We offer a delivery and installation service where we send out one of our team, who delivers the aquarium, installs it, sets up the filtration and all the treatments required to keep the fish healthy. He also has a chat with the customer to ensure they know how to look after their aquarium. We have new fish arriving weekly.


Hoppers Crossing - 2/2 Shaft Court 3029

Ferntree Gully - Shop 58 Mountain Gate Shopping Centre, FG Road 3156

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