Aqua One Brilliance Aquarium

The Aqua One Brilliance Aquarium is available in 5 sizes from 80cm up to 180cm.

The 120 Model is also available in White. All other sizes are Black Only.

80cm/ 180L was $1099 On SALE for $899

120cm/ 292L was $1499 On SALE for $1299

Demo pictured in the videos below.

180cm/ 580L was $2499 On SALE for $2199


Check out the video below of a Aqua One Brilliance Aquarium set up in our Showroom with White Rock and Coral Sand. A fully complete Aquarium as pictured in the video below sells for $1799 including 12 Juvenile African Cichlid Fish.

Aquarium One Brilliance Information

*For more detailed information on the specifications of each aquarium please click the link below.

Payment Options

1. In-store via Credit Card or Cash.

2. Over the phone with PayPal and Direct Deposit.


Delivery and Installation in your home normally $149 for ONLY $99 or delivery Flat Pack $49 Melbourne Metro.

Water Treatment package normally $99 for ONLY $59. Our water treatment package includes Water Conditioning Salts, Chlorine Neutraliser, BioActive8 Live Bacteria and KH Balance Buffer. Approximately 6 months’ supply.


Aqua One Brilliance Aquarium - Water Treatments


Fish Package – Included in this package are 12 Juvenile African Cichlids. For different types and species of fish please discuss with us other options. NOTE: The Coral Sand and White Rock pictured in the video maintain a pH of 8.0 therefore it is only suitable for African Fish. If you are wanting fish other than African Cichlids we will need to exchange the White Coral Sand for standard aquarium gravel and the White Rock should be replaced with Plants, Driftwood or Ornaments.

Food Package – You get Flake Food and Granule food for $39.98

Test Kit Package – You get pH and Ammonia Test Kit for $45.

For more great information on maintaining your Aquarium please get our Download. There is HUGE amounts of information on running your aquarium successfully.

How to avoid the 7 BIGGEST Aquarium Mistakes

Aqua One Brilliance Aquarium Decor Designs

In regard to the DECOR there are 1000s of different combinations so this will need to be discussed. From $100 which will get you a gravel base and a centre feature ornament up to wherever your imagination takes you. For some videos and examples of our décor designs watch the videos below.

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