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Wayne Jackson: 

Hi, I’m Wayne. My role here at Waterlife Aquarium is just to manage day-to-day activities and duties. Got from marines to freshwater, brackish, cichlids, goldfish. All your aquarium set ups from your small tanks up to your large tanks.

If you need any information you’re more than welcome to come in and have a chat or bring some water in and we’ll test all your water for you. We can pretty much cover all your problems you might have, even if it’s from reptiles to fish to anything from amphibians as well.

Amy Stanton:

Hi, my name is Amy. I’ve been working here for about two years. I really enjoy working with the fish in particular. I study Conservation and Land Management at The Gordon in Geelong and I work here two days a week.

Jarryd B.: 

Hi, my name is Jarryd. I work at Waterlife Aquarium on a Saturday. I started at work experience and have continued to work through university, studying engineering. I’m still an engineer and I’m still working on a Saturday. I’ve got three tanks at home of African cichlids, and I love looking after those and coming in on a Saturday and helping out in the store and working with a great team and with great customers.

Travis Chamings: 

Hey, I’m Travis. I’ve been working at Waterlife for about seven years now. I pretty much look after the store and all the merchandising, make sure everything looks nice and neat.



Waterlife Aquarium
2 Shaft Ct, Hoppers Crossing
Melbourne 3029
Phone: (03) 8360 8880 or 1300 MY FISH
Email: hoppers@waterlifeaquarium.com.au
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